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About 911 Restoration San Antonio

911 Restoration Owner San AntonioMeet The Owner: Santiago Gutierrez IV

Tell us a little about yourself (bio/background).

At 911 Restoration of San Antonio, we are driven and action-oriented!  Always seeking and pursuing opportunities that have the potential to change my family’s legacy.  There’s always an end goal in mind.  Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you that I go all out when I put my mind to something. As a kid, I worked for my father (Master Electrician) doing residential and commercial jobs during the summers.  Having gained various skills and knowledge in the electrical field, the most valuable thing I learned and developed was a solid work ethic.  

My work experience includes the construction, financial services, and insurance industries.  I’m also a real estate investor, with experience in buying, flipping, and selling homes, and multi-family passive investments.  My professional career for the past 15 years has been in the insurance industry as a Property Claims Adjuster, working residential, farm, and commercial claims.  During that time, I also helped hundreds of homeowners during some large catastrophic events brought on by Hurricanes Irene, Florence, Irma, Charlotte, and Michael covering states on the east coast and gulf regions.  

Staying motivated and willing to do whatever it takes in support of my family and our dreams is always on my mind.  No excuses!


Do you have any experience in the restoration industry?

Santiago’s experience in the restoration industry is deeply rooted in his years of experience as a Property Claims adjuster, working for large Fortune 100 and 500 insurance companies.  Having worked hundreds of disaster claims, he knows what it means to serve homeowners quickly in times of disaster, with compassion, and keeping an open line of communication. Timely and frequent communication is key to working collaboratively with restoration companies and homeowners.  His end goal in doing so, as an Adjuster, was to help owners get their home back to its original condition after a loss as quickly as possible.  He developed strong relationships with restoration contractors and understands what it takes to get the job done right!


911 Restoration Owner Family San AntonioHow big is your family? Spouse/kids/pets?

Party of five!  Santiago has been married to his high school sweetheart, Renee, for over 25 years and they have three children. They seize every opportunity they can get to spend time with all three of them together.  Two of the three are young adults pursuing their own goals and careers, and their third is a middle schooler.   Added to their party of 5 are their two small dogs, Max and Koda.


Are you local to your branch’s service area? How long have you lived there?

Santiago has lived in Texas for most of his life.  He and his wife have lived in the San Antonio / Helotes area for nearly 20 years.  He is honored to own a business that can serve the people in the community that he calls home. 


What are your hobbies? Sports fan? What do you do for fun/ in your free time? 

Golf and cornhole!  Santiago has been active in attending and supporting his children’s golf tournaments with school and local tours.  When Santiago is not playing a round of golf with one or both of his sons, you can sometimes find him enjoying a few games of Cornhole, movie nights with the family, attending church, and dinner date nights with his wife.  Supporting our professional sports team is a MUST here in Texas and Santiago definitely enjoys watching the San Antonio Spurs!


Why did you want to join 911 Restoration as a franchise owner?

It’s all about people and making a difference! Giving people a fresh start with a focus on customer experience.   I researched several restoration companies before making a decision but I always felt a connection to 911 Restoration because of their mission and belief in being positive in every negative.  Keeping a positive attitude is something I have always imparted to my kids, and partnering with a franchise that shares that belief is important to me.  


I also love that we’re a full-service restoration company, meaning we’re not only going to handle the water, mold or fire remediation, we are also going to take care of the construction repairs and clean up – getting an owner’s home back to its original condition after a damage loss or disaster.  I absolutely believe in The Fresh Start – everybody deserves a second chance.  In golf, we call second chances a mulligan….and let me tell ya, I love me some mulligans.


Once your branch opens, what will set you apart from your competitors?

Customer experience and education will make a difference in my branch.  At 911 Restoration of San Antonio, I believe that people remember how you make them feel.  My focus will be on earning a homeowner’s trust with open, honest, and timely communication.  I know what it’s like to not have phone calls returned, feeling like no one understands your sense of urgency.  As a customer, you will feel a shared concern for your situation in our communication and commitment to act swiftly on the action plan we agree upon o get your home or business back to its original condition.  


Given my past experience as an insurance adjuster, I know how to communicate with insurance companies to help drive a smooth claims process.  That is the education piece that my branch will bring to the table.  I’ve helped many home and business owners understand their insurance policies to make better, informed decisions when it comes to addressing damage.  I make time to help them clearly understand the process and also know how to communicate with insurance companies on their terms to match the homeowner’s needs.  Sometimes it’s difficult for homeowners to focus during catastrophic times and if I can go in there and ease their minds with a sense of peace that everything is going to be okay, then I’ve done something right!


Do you have any philosophies you want to carry into 911 Restoration of San Antonio?

There are a couple of philosophies that I align with and will exemplify in my business: No excuses and law of attraction.  As 911 Restoration local business owner, I will hold myself responsible for what we do and how we interact with our customers.  Failure is not an option and we will strive excellence in our business operations and customer service, no excuses.  Excuses have a negative connotation and there won’t be any place for them in my business.


That takes me to the other philosophy I believe in, the law of attraction.  Positive thoughts produce positive results.  Be grateful, visualize your goals, and seek the positives in all situations. Just like our franchise tagline states to “Be the Positive in Every Negative,” my business will operate by focusing on positive outcomes. This is true not only for our employees and their goals, but also for our customers seeking to recover from any disaster, big or small.

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