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Water Damage San Antonio: Record Breaking Rainfall

Published by 911 Restoration San Antonio on July 30, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Earlier this month San Antonio experienced record breaking rainfall. The total amount of rain from the single storm reached 2.98 inches. The previous record of 2.7 inches was set back in 1979. Jimmy Carter was President, Kramer vs. Kramer won the Oscar for best film, and the Bee Gees had three number one hits. In other words, it was a long time ago. A storm of this magnitude can cause all sorts of problems, and it serves as a good reminder of how important it is to be prepared.

Serious Rain = Serious Floods

Three inches of rain in a short amount of time can cause significant flooding. Flash flood warnings were issued throughout the region, and 14 emergency calls for high water rescue were placed. It’s always important to heed any official warning, and when you know that this much rain is expected it’s best to stay home if possible and take certain precautions to protect your property. If the land around your foundation slopes downwards towards the home, the best thing to do is to place a barrier of sandbags along these areas. Seems a little old-fashioned, but this tried and true method of keeping water away really works. If water still makes it into your home and causes problems it’s best to leave the cleanup and restoration to a certified water damage company.

Prepare for Lights Out

The storm also left roughly 2,000 residents without power. Be prepared in the case the power goes out with flashlights and other necessities. Having a backup battery-operated sump pump is another good idea, especially if you know that your basement is prone to flooding. The same wind that caused the damage at the utility company can also cause damage to your property. Put outdoor furniture indoors whenever possible. Flying furniture and other debris can result in broken windows and other sorts of damage all too easily. Once windows are broken, the rain can just walk right in wreak havoc on your floors, and before you know it it’s time for water damage restoration services.

The Threat of Fire

Fire isn’t the first thing people think of when a big rainstorm is coming, but storm conditions can bring dangerous fires as well. Lightning hit the Holiday Inn in San Antonio and caused a large fire on the roof. Many were evacuated from the top floor. While you can’t really prevent lightning from striking, make sure you are prepared in case a fire breaks out with a solid evacuation plan in place.

Stay Safe

This particular storm is a great example of the many different types of damage that can be caused when high winds and significant rainfall are expected. Water damage and flooding are the biggest threats, but losing power and fires are not uncommon. It’s best to be prepared for all sorts of scenarios so that you stay safe and protect your property from the elements as much as you can.

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