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Water Damage New Braunfels

Taking on the effects of a toilet overflow, ceiling leak, water heater failure or any other form of disaster is technical and highly skilled work and this is why it is best to hire a professional like 911 Restoration San Antonio owner Jesus Cardenas, and his water damage New Braunfels team to do it all for you.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Working In BasementEliminating the effects of a water damage scenario means moving quickly and this is why Jesus and his water damage New Braunfels team can be anywhere within 45 minutes to start providing emergency service.

“My team and I can be anywhere quickly to start working so that there is little to no chance of mold setting in for a fresh exposure situation,” Jesus says.

In addition to being at the scene of a water damage incident quickly, Jesus and his water damage New Braunfels team are also available 24/7/365 too.

“This way we can start working immediately, even if the disaster happens in the middle of the night,” Jesus says. “So if it’s a toilet overflow emergency, a water heater failure, or even a ceiling leak, we can get on top of it faster and save more time, money and heartache in the process.”

Don’t let your home be adversely affected by a toilet overflow, water heater failure, or a ceiling leak situation. Contact Jesus and the water damage New Braunfels team with 911 Restoration San Antonio and get all of it taken care of properly today!

Technical Maintenance Tips from the Professionals

Eliminating water damage aftereffects is the expertise of Jesus and the water damage New Braunfels team with 911 Restoration San Antonio, but they are also highly capable of helping people to avoid such situations in the first place too.

Water Damage Restoration In Progress For Den“When the weather picks up, we get calls all day long from people who are looking for the best ways to learn what they can do to keep their home or business safe from water damage,” Jesus says. “That is why we spent some time and created a long list of all the various things that people can do to keep their home or store high and dry no matter what kind of chaos the weather is throwing about.”

  • Make sure to clean out the clogs, debris, detritus and gunk in your gutters and downspouts at least once a year. This will help to prevent water damage from overflows which can separate and damage the protective layers of your roof.
  • Direct the discharge from your downspouts at least five feet away from your structure to avoid flooding your foundation and causing liquefaction. This can severely damage a structure, and all it takes to avoid is a longer drainpipe.
  • Ensure that the rubber hoses, plastic fittings and metal connectors on your water-based appliances are in perfect condition. Neglecting these can allow small cuts and nicks to turn into full on ruptures when put under pressure. Replacing these is easy and cheap, unlike the water damage that they can cause in a failure.
  • Inspect your sump pumps at least once a year so that you know for sure they work perfectly. If they do not, then replace them as soon as possible so that you don’t get flooded during the next big storm.

“This is a list of some of the more common sources, but there are plenty of ways to keep property safe from a water damage disaster,” Jesus says. “So if anyone has questions about items or ideas that aren’t listed here, they should absolutely give us a ring and find out more.”

If your home is already being affected by a water damage situation from a ceiling leak, toilet overflow or water heater loss, then don’t wait until it becomes a mold contamination too. Contact Jesus and the water damage New Braunfels team with 911 Restoration San Antonio and let them take care of it immediately!

Backsplash Grout Deterioration Leads to Water Damage Challenge

Jesus and his water damage New Braunfels team are the trusted experts in the area for all things restoration related, and this is how they knew precisely what to do when it came to saving a home from a backsplash grout deterioration that resulted in water damage.

Water Damage Restoration SUV and Dog At Warehouse“We got a call from a nice older couple who were just doing dishes one day and noticed that their kitchen was a bit smelly,” Jesus says. “That’s when they called us, and we came right over.”

Jesus and the water damage New Braunfels team noticed immediately that the grout in the backslash had deteriorated and that it was likely the source of the water leaks, and the mold contamination.

“After pulling out the old and damaged backsplash, we then extracted all of the soaked drywall and other building materials that had been affected,” Jesus says. “Then we did a professional mold abatement and made sure that there were no spores that could get airborne and transfer to other parts of the house.”

After eliminating all of the moldy materials and completely restoring the home to normal again, Jesus and the water damage New Braunfels team even helped out with all of the insurance paperwork for the project too.

If your home is experiencing water damage from a ceiling leak, toilet overflow, water heater loss, or any other means, then don’t wait until it grows a mold problem too.

Contact Jesus and the water damage New Braunfels team with 911 Restoration San Antonio and let them take care of everything for you properly today!

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