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Water Damage Lytle

When taking on the challenges of a ceiling leak, toilet overflow or water heater malfunction, there is no experts more trusted, capable and prepared than 911 Restoration San Antonio owner Jesus Cardenas and his water damage Lytle team.

911 Restoration Water Damage San AntonioSolving water damage incidents requires immediacy and that is why Jesus and his water damage Lytle team can arrive within 45 minutes of a distress call, and start working immediately.

“My crew and I can be anywhere when disaster strikes,” Jesus says. “And we always make sure to bring the most advanced tools for the job too.”

Jsesus and the water damage Lytle crew are also able to be anywhere at any time too.

“Disasters such as ceiling leaks and toilet overflows don’t wait for people to be prepared, and this is why we are available 24/7/365 so that we can get on top of the challenge immediately,” Jesus says. “Being at the scene fast, and starting work immediately helps to prevent water damage from turning into mold damage too.”

Don’t allow a ceiling leak to turn into a mold contamination unnecessarily. Contact Jesus and the water damage Lytle team with 911 Restoration San Antonio for all of the restoration help that you and your home need today!

Damage Avoidance Tips and Tricks from the Best

When it comes to taking care of water damage in homes and businesses after it has happened, there is no one more apt for the job than Jesus and the water damage Lytle team, but they are also extraordinarily good at helping people to prevent such situations too.

“Pretty much every day we will get calls from people who are trying to protect their home, and they call us for the best advice there is,” Jesus says. “That is why we spent some time and created the most comprehensive list of ways that people can protect their home using simple maintenance tips and tricks that we employ every day.”


  • 911 Restoration Water Damage San AntonioPeople need to check their gutters and downspouts at least once per year before the rain comes. This will help to keep them running free so that no clogs can form obstructions that might then cause overflows to pour into the roof and attic.
  • Check around your property for any trees that have dead limbs. Trim them off immediately so that they don’t fall onto your home in high wind and heavy rainfall. This will keep them from breaking through your roof and introducing water damage to the interior.
  • Inspect the hoses and fittings on your water-connected appliances to ensure that they don’t have any nicks or cuts that may go from small drips to major ruptures and water damage when put under pressure.
  • Make sure that there are no shingles on the roof that are missing, damaged, or displaced as these can be major sources of water damage when heavy rain finds a way into the layers of the roof that keep your property secure.
  • Have a plumbing expert come and inspect your whole system at least once every two to five years to catch any small obstructions or wear and tear that may corrode further and turn into full blown water damage situations.

“These are the major factors and their corresponding solutions to most water damage scenarios,” Jesus says. “But there are plenty of other ways that people can protect their property through maintenance, so if anyone has questions that aren’t listed here, they should absolutely give us a call to find out more.”

Backflow Valve Fails and Causes Category Three Water Damage Backup

Jesus and his water damage Lytle team have seen and solved every conceivable form of ceiling leak, toilet overflow, water heater failure, or any other form of restoration disaster, and this is what gave them the ability to get straight to work solving the challenges presented during a recent backflow valve failure.


911 Restoration Water Damage San Antonio

“We got straight to the heart of this project and immediately checked the backflow valve to make sure it was working,” Jesus says. “When we found that was broken, we realized this was the source of the issue.”

After replacing the backflow valve, Jesus and his team immediately started working on extracting the category three water from the situation.

“We got all of the dirty water out of the structure and then took out all of the soaked drywall and other tainted building materials,” Jesus says. “Then we began the dry-out phase of the project so that the homeowner could get back to living in and enjoying their space again as soon as possible.”

Even before the project was finished, Jesus and his water damage Lytle team were helping the homeowner out with the insurance paperwork involved in the project too.

If your home is already experiencing a water damage issue from a sewage backup, toilet overflow, ceiling leak, or any other means, then don’t hesitate to contact Jesus and the water damage Lytle experts with 911 Restoration San Antonio today!

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