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Sewage Spills in Floresville, TX

Published by 911 Restoration San Antonio on April 22, 2014 in category: Current Event, Sewage Backup Cleanup

911 Restoration Sewage Backup San AntonioWhile many people don’t give much thought to the idea of a sewage spill in their area, when it happens, the dangers become clearly evident. Take, for instance, the recent sewage spill that impacted the residents of Floresville, TX. Concerned residents observed as water spilled from manhole covers, and the sewage made its way to the drainage area. Unfortunately city officials were unprepared for the situation, and it took longer than it should have to put up the necessary barricades.

City Manager Henrietta Turner reported that the cause of the massive sewage backup was due to faulty pipes at the plant. The total spillage was about 2,000 gallons of raw sewage, and it took the help of officials from the San Antonio River Authority to help remove contaminated dirt. While it seemed as though the problem was getting taken care of, another unexpected event occurred shortly after. Two floats had been replaced, and they got tangled and triggered the alarm. Residents speculate that a porta-potty truck that was spotted dumping sewage into a manhole days before the incident may have triggered the sewage spill.

Serious Health Risks

It is clear to see that even city officials do not strongly anticipate for the possibility of a sewage spill, and there are serious risks for those living in an impacted area. Coming into contact with sewage puts people at risk of the development of bacterial or viral infections.

While this may seem as no surprise, it must also be kept in mind that there are a number of dangerous chemicals that are flushed down business and residential sewer pipes, and, for those living close to the impacted area, the air quality will be critically impacted.

There are also indirect consequences that must be taken into consideration. Sewage contains oils and grease, and this causes problems for vegetation to thrive. The fact that the oxygen levels of the water are compromised, this also poses a threat to fish and other wildlife.

Cleanup Process

When a sewage spill occurs, it is crucial to receive professional sewage backup cleanup help as quickly as possible to reduce the health risks to people, animals, and vegetation. If you notice a sewage spill, you should first ensure children and pets do not go near the area. Contact the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 to ensure professional help is quickly arranged.

While the sewage backup professionals will handle the root of the problem in large-scale situations such as the one that occurred in Floresville, there are some steps you can take to help ensure your personal belongings are protected from damage. Moving salvageable items out of the area is a great place to start. It is also a good idea to purchase rubber gloves and boots to protect yourself from infection. Furthermore, by mixing a tablespoon of household bleach with a gallon of water, you create an effective disinfectant that you should use to help sterilize your home. A sewage spill can happen to any community unexpectedly, but when you are prepared with knowledge, you can increase your chances of complete restoration.

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