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Remembering the 1985 Snowstorm in Texas

Published by 911 Restoration San Antonio on March 31, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

San Antonio, Texas isn’t accustomed to getting a lot of snowfall. By most standards, the winters are mild with only an occasional dusting of snow during the colder months. However, in the winter of 1985, San Antonio got a taste of winter the residents will never forget. That was the year that 13-inches of snow blanketed the area in less than 24 hours.

I sat down with a few people recently to reminisce about the 1985 Texas storm and found that people had plenty to say.

How the Storm Unfolded

Area residents knew that snow was coming but didn’t realize that it would shut the entire city down for a couple of days. Warm, wet winds from the south met a cold front blowing from the north to create the perfect storm.

City residents weren’t prepared and neither was the city. With little in the way of snow removal equipment, city workers used tractors to push the snow from the roads. Those roads quickly became a slushy, dangerous mix.

The storm broke every record. More than 300 accidents clogged the impassable roads causing the City of San Antonio to urge people to stay home. And stay home they did. People took the opportunity to sled, build snow castles, and have snowball fights.

Kids got the opportunity to stay home from school and spent the day looking for the tallest snow-covered hill with makeshift sleds. Cardboard boxes were in high demand as they found out how much fun sliding down a hill could be.

Preparing for Unusual Winter Storms in Your Area

When heavy winter storms hit an area that rarely gets snow, warm weather residents are at a loss because they simply are not prepared. There are a few things that are simple and easy to do to ensure your family’s safety without breaking the bank.

  1. Make sure that your car has warm blankets and clothing before you head out during snowfalls. During adverse weather, the roads are difficult to travel and if you break down, you might have to wait for help. It’s simple to stash a few blankets into your trunk before heading out.
  2. Take steps to protect your water lines. In areas like San Antonio, they may not be sufficiently insulated against cold weather. When the temperature dips below freezing for an extended period of time, you can wind up with broken water pipes that can cause real damage. Fortunately, it is a quick fix and will save you a major headache.
  3. Plan for the power to go out by having easy-to-prepare meals on hand. During heavy snowfall, when the power goes down, it tends to take a while to get it back up. Fill your cupboards before the storm so you can keep the fires burning in your body.

It’s hard to say when San Antonio will see another record snow fall. However, it’s a good bet that when it happens again, it will be just as memorable for the people in the area.

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