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Water Damage and Mold Removal New Braunfels

911 Restoration Mold Removal San AntonioWater damage comes in many forms and degrees of severity. Whether it’s a ceiling leak or a burst pipe, the impact to property owners is dramatic and costly. Even small amounts of water can cause serious damage if left undiscovered for too long. Usually, the devastation comes from larger sources of water that go a step further and damage your floors and walls in addition to your smaller items.

Besides the water damage itself, property owners also need to be wary of mold contamination. Mold and fungi thrive in wet environments and only need 24 hours to start multiplying. Over time, mold can eat away at your organic materials as well as personal belongings if not remediated quick enough. In addition, mold has been known to cause breathing problems, headaches, and other health problems in otherwise healthy individuals.

With water damage and mold prompt, responsive action is the key to getting ahead of the problem before it becomes bigger than it needs to be. That’s why we work hard for our New Braunfels residents by being available 24/7/365 so we can respond no matter when disaster strikes. Our unmatched dedication to service is why we guarantee to arrive within 45 minutes of your call ready to deliver on our Fresh Start promise.

Whether you need water damage restoration, mold removal, or flood cleanup we have you covered. Call 911 Restoration today for the Fresh Start you need.

Water Damage Repair in New Braunfels

It’s true that water damage is devastating to your property and that water damage restoration is necessary to get back to normal. We understand that which is why after our visual inspection we get to work on your water extraction and drying so that your property is completely dry.

However, water restoration is about more than just getting your property dry. More often than not, you will need repairs done to fix the damage left behind. At 911 Restoration, we combine our IICRC certification and training to provide true restoration for your property.

Our customers can expect help with:

  • Free Visual Inspection for Property Owners Only
  • Storm Repair
  • Pipe burst repair
  • Roof repair
  • Leak repair and detection
  • Home restoration
  • And more

Special care during winter is required due to the increased possibility of frozen pipes. If left frozen too long, the frozen pipes will become burst pipes and result in the need for flood cleanup services. Should this occur, we are more than capable of handling the fallout from the impromptu flooding.

Water damage repair is more than just a physical process. It also requires paperwork in the form of an insurance claim. Thanks to our years of experience, we can provide assistance in filling out your claim. Some of our customers even have us file the claim on their behalf, because they know we’ll get it approved the first time.

Whether it’s a flood cleanup due to pipe bursts or standard water damage restoration, we have you covered. Call 911 Restoration today for the Fresh Start you deserve.

Mold due to Water Damage

911 Restoration Mold Removal San AntonioMold needs a damp and preferably dark environment to grow and spread. That’s why basements and crawl spaces are such common areas to discover mold contamination. What it all gets back to is the fact that water damage causes mold when not taken care of quick enough. The greater the amount of water the more likely you are to discover mold on your property.

A mold infestation usually starts small and gradually becomes worse over time. Because of this, the mold is usually not discovered until it has already started damaging your property and possibly wreaking havoc on your health. Mold doesn’t have to be toxic to harm you directly since all mold is an allergen. Breathing problems and headaches are the least of what can occur with mold.

Due to the delicate relationship between water and mold, we make sure to provide a comprehensive mold removal service for our New Braunfels residents. Some of the benefits our customers can expect include:

  • Free visual mold inspection for property owners only
  • Professional mold inspection & sampling
  • Structural drying & dehumidifying
  • And more

We take your health and well being seriously which is why we don’t cut corners when it comes to mold. With us, you get IICRC certified technicians who all have further training so you can trust in getting superior results the first time. No matter the restoration need, we have you taken care of from frozen pipes to mold removal to fire damage restoration.

Call 911 Restoration for your emergency restoration needs today. Benefit from our Fresh Start guarantee firsthand.

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