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Leaking Water Repair

Published by 911 Restoration San Antonio on October 23, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Water damage in your home is a very frustrating problem. It can leave your home looking ugly and unappealing. Whether there is a minor leak in the home, or an outright flood, water damage can strike in any way, at any time. If there is water damage in your home, I would start the water damage restoration process immediately. If not, there could be some irrevocable or costly consequences. I will discuss a few examples of what might happen if water damage is ignored
Ruin pipes – If there is standing water in your home from a flood, or even just a leak, I would fix it promptly. Standing water can lead to the corrosion of pipes. Corroded pipes are weaker and can lead to further water damage in the future.

Ruins floors – Standing water on floors can ruin them. This holds especially true for wood floors. If there is standing water on your floors, I would remove it immediately. Not only can this ruin your floors permanently, but it can also lead to the development of mold in just a couple of days.

Electrical system – If the water got into the walls and into the electrical system, it would be wise to have an electrician inspect the wires in your house immediately. Water and electricity do not mix!

Bottom line: If you are experiencing standing, leaking, or flooding water, act now!

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