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Dog Rescued in San Antonio Fire

Published by 911 Restoration San Antonio on July 10, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair

A recent house fire in San Antonio led to firefighters rescuing a dog from the burning property. The incident occurred on the city’s North Side and resulted in significant damage to the home. A professional fire damage restoration company will be necessary in order to repair the damage. Water damage is an important part of the fire restoration process because the fire department uses a significant amount of water to extinguish a blaze of this size. Fortunately no humans, or animals, were harmed in this fire and it serves as a great reminder of how we should all be prepared for emergency scenarios.

Plan Ahead!

It can be hard to plan for a fire or other home disaster because these are scenarios that we generally don’t want to think about or have to consider, but a little bit of planning can save you a lot of trouble should the unthinkable happen. Having a fire emergency plan for your family is a wonderful way to quickly ensure that everyone is safe. Plan a meeting spot near your home but a safe distance away if a serious fire breaks out so you can quickly account for everyone. People are the first priority but protecting pets is important as well as we can see from this incident in the North Side. Keep an emergency kit ready that includes first aid supplies and some clean water. You never know when it might come in handy, and it’s best to be over prepared.

Fire Damage Restoration

While getting everyone safely out of the building is obviously the number one priority, many people don’t think about the recovery past this point until it happens to them. A fire of this magnitude requires serious fire damage restoration services to undo the damage. A good fire repair company will be able to remove all of the ash and oily debris that coats every surface using safe, specialized cleaners. The sooner this can be underway the better, as soot will penetrate surfaces in a more serious way if it is left unattended. Water damage is another integral part of the fire repair process. With the fire department dumping hundreds upon hundreds of gallons of water to extinguish the flames, through water removal is absolutely essential to avoid mold, structural damage and further dire complications. Rely on a company that can handle every step of the restoration process from beginning to end. It’s much easier dealing with one restoration company that can help you make a full recovery after a fire.

Get Rid of the Smell!

The smell of smoke after a house fire can be very pervasive and can even have a negative impact on your property value. The best restoration companies can help get rid of the smell with state of the art odor remediation techniques. This is another essential step in the road to a full recovery, and when done correctly your nose won’t be able to detect that the incident ever occurred.

When it comes to fires it’s best to have an emergency plan in place and be prepared. If the unthinkable happens get a quality fire damage restoration team on your side fast so you can put the incident behind you as soon as possible.

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